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How to Cancel YouTube TV?

YouTube TV is great fun to watch. When YouTube TV was introduced for the first time, it was such a great thing that was done for the internet savvy. It allowed viewers to view online high-quality videos for both free and with a paid subscription and many more. 

Consequently, YouTube TV lets viewers opt for a paid subscription whenever they want. Apart from this, it allows viewers to stream live videos and many more. However, if you do not wish to subscribe to YouTube TV for a longer duration then you have the free will to cancel YouTube TV membership at any time and whenever you want.

How to cancel YouTube TV subscription through a web browser?

Unsubscribing from paid membership of YouTube TV through a web browser involves the following easy steps. Let us check out below in this article:

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  • Step1: Go to your web browser on your desktop.
  • Step2: Type the URL of YouTube TV.
  • Step3: Tap on your profile icon given on the right side of your desktop website.
  • Step4:  Now choose the “Settings” key given within the drop-down list.
  • Step5: Then, press the “Pause or Cancel Membership” which is shown as a highlighted link just below the “YouTube TV” group.

Note that while you are planning to cancel your membership, YouTube TV will try convincing you to subscribe to their services. Thus, you will find various opportunities given by them asking you to remain active with their paid television services. As YouTube TV doesn’t want to let it customer go.

But if your mind is set to cancel YouTube TV membership then, click on the “Cancel Membership” highlighted link.

  • Step6: Also provide them the reason for unsubscribing to YouTube TV membership and next choose the “Continue Canceling” tab to move ahead.
  • Step7: And suppose you select the option to “Other”, then you will be asked to type the reason for your YouTube TV membership cancellation.
  • Step8: Now tap on the “Cancel Membership” key so your YouTube TV membership will be canceled permanently.

How to cancel a YouTube TV subscription through your mobile app?

Canceling a YouTube TV subscription is possible from both desktops as well as through the mobile app. However, if you wish to cancel your YouTube TV subscription from your android device using the YouTube TV app then you can do that as well. At the same time, this feature isn’t applicable to apple users but the same can be done through your mobile website.

Follow these simple steps to cancel your YouTube TV subscription through mobile app:

  • Step1: Take your android phone and open your YouTube TV application.
  • Step2: Pin your cursor to the above right side of your mobile interface and click on your profile icon.
  • Step3: Go to the menu and click on the “Setting” tab.
  • Step4: Now choose the “Pause or Cancel Membership” highlighted link from below the “YouTube TV” group.
  • Step5: If you want to pause your YouTube TV subscription then you can do that by adjusting the week numbers. And if you do not want to pause then directly choose the “Cancel” highlighted link to continue.
  • Step6: Select your reason for the cancellation of the YouTube TV subscription from the given list. 
  • Step7: If you choose “Other”, then specify your reason for the cancellation of the YouTube TV subscription.
  • Now you will find that your YouTube TV will pop up to request to exit cancellation and prefer the pause option. But if still, you want to cancel then click on the “Continue Canceling” tab to proceed.
  • Step8: A screen will appear to confirm your final cancellation for a YouTube TV subscription. Also, they will display their exciting services that you cannot enjoy anymore. So finally, click on “Cancel Membership” if you truly wish to unsubscribe from enjoying their services any further.

Cancel or Pause your Free Trial YouTube TV membership

When you prefer cancellation for your YouTube TV membership, YouTube TV will continue to provide its services till your subscription ends. When you are on a free trial to YouTube TV membership, you can access and enjoy their exciting services as long as your free session expires. 

However, if you still want to cancel your YouTube TV membership while you are on a free trial then you will no longer be able to enjoy their services along with add-ons for free. And if you really want to unsubscribe from YouTube TV membership and their services then you can immediately contact their support team members.

Also, note that while you are performing cancellation of your YouTube TV membership, they do not take away your right to their services unless your last subscription period gets over. 

At the same time, while you are planning to start your membership with YouTube TV once again, you will no longer be able to receive their promotional rates and have no access to your earlier history or records. However, Google may still have your Zip code and other information to avoid you from further risks of website or apps.

Important facts to consider while you pause for your YouTube membership

  • While you pause your YouTube paid subscription, you have the option to select your week dates that usually range from 4 weeks up to 6 months.
  • Always remember that your YouTube membership will be paused while your subscription period expires.
  • During your YouTube subscription is paused, YouTube TV will no longer offer you their services to enjoy, also no latest programs can be recorded or saved. However, your previously saved files will be stored until the paused date gets over. 

Note that your saved recordings are subjected to get stored for a period of 9-month.

  • As soon as your paused date expires, they will request you to pay your YouTube subscription fee in a month-wise. And so you can start enjoying their services from this date and also it becomes your current billing date.
  • You can start over your YouTube TV membership at any point in time even before the preset time slot of your pause date expiration. You can do this by simply visiting your YouTube TV app or website. Also, from that day you will have your new billing date for your YouTube TV membership.

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