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How to Cancel Amazon Prime Video?

Watching Amazon Prime Video is a fun time for everyone. While there may be circumstances when you need to cancel an Amazon Prime Video subscription for a particular period or for a long time. And so today in this article we will tell you about the different ways to cancel an Amazon Prime Video subscription. Follow us till the end of this page.

Cancellation of Amazon Prime Video Subscription via Third-Party user

If you are subscribed to Amazon Prime Video then, first switch on your internet and then find the contact information of your third-party user or service provider and then contact them directly for further assistance.

Cancellation of Amazon Prime Video Subscription

  • Step1: Firstly, go to your Amazon website and then visit Accounts and Settings.
  • Step2: Next choose your Account option
  • Step3: Choose the Amazon Prime Video End Subscription. 

Now, you will find that your Amazon Prime Video is added along with your Amazon Prime Membership. So to cancel your Amazon Prime Membership within Prime Membership, go to the Edit option.

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Note that while you cancel your Amazon Prime Video Subscription, any extra Amazon subscriptions cannot be restarted if you cancel your Amazon Prime Membership.

Cancel your Amazon Prime Membership:

  • Step1: Go to your Amazon Prime Video account and then choose to Manage Your Prime Video Channels.
  • Step2: Next choose Prime Video Channels.
  • Step3: Look for the Amazon Prime Video subscription for cancellation
  • Step4: Now, click on Cancel Channel and provide confirmation.

Note that if Amazon has given you a preference for a self-service refund and you prefer to accept it then your Amazon Prime Video cancellation will be instantly confirmed. If not, then your subscription end date will be shown on your confirmation page. You will also have the option to reactivate your Amazon Prime Video account until the end date. But once your Amazon Prime Video account is unsubscribed at the end date then you are not liable to pay anything extra. Also, you will lose all your subscription to the content of your Amazon Prime account.

Apart from this, you will require a subscription to Amazon Prime membership for watching the content of Amazon Prime Video. This is because while you cancel your Amazon Prime subscription, you can no more get access to Amazon Prime Video.

Also, for any further Amazon Prime Video-related queries, you can always visit their official website. 

How to cancel Free Trial of Amazon Prime Video using a web browser?

Cancellation of your free trial Amazon Prime Video is quite a dainty task and therefore, you can watch their content seamlessly till your one-month free subscription is expired. Also, you do not have to worry about paying for next month’s Amazon Prime Video subscription. You can even cancel your free trial the time you register your Amazon Prime Video account and keep on receiving the complete advantages of your Primetime only on your Amazon account.

On the other hand, you can even cancel your Amazon Prime Video using your Amazon Prime Video application or by visiting the official Amazon website.

Also, before proceeding to the steps to cancel your Amazon Prime Video Subscription, it is important to consider the fact that Amazon will always try to seek your attention by requesting you to accept their Amazon Prime Video Plans. However, they will ask you thrice to confirm the cancellation of your Amazon Prime Video Subscription.

Let us view the below steps to cancel the free trial of Amazon Prime Video:

  • Step1: Firstly, visit your web browser and type the Amazon URL.
  • Step2: Next, log in to your Amazon account.
  • Step3: Go to “Accounts & Lists” shown on the right corner of your Amazon homepage, then click on the menu.
  • Step4: Tap on “Your Prime Membership” to open it.
  • Step5:  Now you will find many information displayed there based on your free trial subscription. Within the “Membership Management” below, you will have the option to “End Trial and Benefits”. Select it to cancel your free trial.
  • Step6: Amazon will ask you to confirm your cancellation for the free trial for the first time. While below the page you will find the option of “End My Benefits”. However, Amazon will keep on influencing you to remain active on Amazon Primetime by offering you three times confirmation option for the cancellation of your free trial.
  • Step7: Click on cancel for the second time.
  • Step8: Lastly, click on the “Cancel Membership” key.
  • Step9: Finally, your Amazon Prime Video subscription is canceled, and therefore, Amazon will confirm it shortly through pop-ups with the end date. Also, it will not even ask you to pay anything.

How to cancel Amazon Prime Video through the Amazon App?

You can follow these steps to cancel Amazon Prime Video through the Amazon App:

  • Step1: Explore your Amazon App.
  • Step2: Click on the three horizontal bars given at the above-left corner to extend the menu.
  • Step3: Go to “Programs and Features” and then press on the “Prime” key.
  • Step4: Now choose “Manage Prime Membership” from the below option.
  • Step5: Move down to the “Membership Management” and then select “End Trial and Benefits”.
  • Step6: You will find that Amazon may try to change your mind but you have to tap on “End My Benefits”.
  • Step7: Again press on the “Continue to Cancel” option.
  • Step8: Now, finally cancel the membership of your Amazon free trial by submitting confirmation.
  • Step9: You will be shown a pop-ups message stating confirmation about the free trial cancellation along with the Amazon Prime Video expiry date.

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