Activate Your Global Cash Card Online

If you are willing to activate your Global Cash Card online then you have to use the activation tag of Global Cash facilitates their customers to activate their cards through their online portal. Users just have to follow and complete some instructions which let your Global Card activate online.

How to Activate the Global Cash Card?

Follow the steps which are listed below to know how you can easily activate your Global Cash Card online:-

  • Make sure that the availability of your card at the time of activation is necessary so keep in mind that you apply for the activation process after receiving the card.
  • So, once you receive the card, then you have to visit the official web portal of Global Cash with the help of this link
  • Now, login into your account by entering the username and password which you get during the registration of your application.
  • Once you’re logged in to the web portal of Global Cash, you have to enter your card details like the 16-digit card number with an expiry date.
  • Now, you can verify that you’re not a robot. So, couch on the mark of “I’m not a robot” and click on it.

Hence, the card number will start to be disobeyed on the screen with their 16-digit code. Now, choose a password and under the name and proceed to verify.

Activation of Card Via Phone

Users can also activate their Global Cash card through a phone call. Users will just have to dial the number 1-866-395-9200 daily and make a call on it. Once the call is connected then you’ll be guided by voice. So, follow the instructions of the voice and verify yourself. Once you get certified then your card will be activated.

Final words

Activating the Global Cash account will be easily done by following some easy steps. I’m that the above content will guide you and now you have an idea about the activation process of Global Cash cards.  So, just go and activate your card now.